Hindsight is 2020: Moving from reactive to proactive risk management in 2021


This year the old saying ‘hindsight is 20/20’ has certainly rung true. Business leaders have been forced to reexamine their supply chain risk management strategy - especially if a manual process was in place. Between the lasting effects of COVID 19, an extremely active hurricane season, economic instability, geopolitical unrest, and a contentious election year in the US, businesses have had to adapt to the world around them as quickly as possible.

What if you could react faster? Better yet, what if you could assess early warning signs to make more informed decisions that mitigate disruption and protect your profits and customers? Bill DeMartino, Managing Director, Americas at riskmethods knows that proactive supply chain risk management will increase the agility and resilience of your supplier network in 2021. And he’s here to tell you how.

Tune in for actionable insights and tips, including:

  • The top risks of 2020 and how they impacted global supply chains
  • The reality of supplier financial distress and the key warning signs
  • What steps riskmethods' customers are taking to proactively build a resilient supply network
  • And, how you can stop firefighting with digital third-party risk management


Bill DeMartino

Bill DeMartino

Chief Product Officer and Managing Director, NA


Matthew York

Matthew York

Senior Solutions Marketing Manager


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