Achieving all-round transparency through risk management

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Supply chain transparency and visibility have shown to be a critical success factor for risk mitigation throughout the pandemic. They have also allowed businesses to deliver in a downturn and remain one step ahead of the curve.

With the world still in flux it is essential for businesses to continue driving network resilience and transparency throughout their ecosystem and prepare for the future.

But how can they go about this? What role can Procurement play?

Collaboration and digitalization have proven to be great enablers here, so what best-practices may the function adopt? How can it continue innovating and future-proof the business?

Join us as our experts from BT Sourced and riskmethods attempt to answer these questions and offer you the latest insights in creating a truly resilient and transparent ecosystem.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Integrate risk management into your wider eco-system
  • Generate better team engagement and collaboration
  • Efficiently leverage your digital tools to create visibility for resilience



Alex Cassettari

Senior Manager, Procurement Transformation, BT Sourced



Diarmuid O’ Donoghue

Senior Procurement Manager – Digital Transformation, BT Sourced



Tom Hiller

Vice President Customer Success, riskmethods GmbH


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