The Importance of Agility for Better Risk Preparedness


Agility in the supply chain is described as being able to respond quickly to sudden and unexpected changes in markets. This includes the ability to consistently align products, strategies and processes of the organization to meet customer needs. In an increasingly complex environment, both “agility” and “resilience” are often discussed.

Learn in this webinar:

  • How to connect agility and resilience
  • How to implement agility in your organization and find the right balance between automation and human oversight
  • How to accept and control the cost of risk to drive resilience and protect business
  • How leading companies implement agility and resilience in their organizations


Carlos Cordon

Carlos Cordon

Professor of Strategy and Supply Chain Management, IMD Faculty


Heiko Schwarz

Heiko Schwarz

Co-Founder and Managing Director, riskmethods


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