Behind the Scenes: Risk Management Best-Practices and Beyond


Why Supply Chain Risk Management? Our guest speaker Patrick Iven, Director Global Sourcing & SCM at VCST, a world-class automotive supplier of precision-machined powertrain and brake components, likes to quote former US-heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Please join Patrick Iven and Thomas Hiller, riskmethods VP of Customer Success, for a behind-the-scenes webinar with exclusive inside stories, real-life examples and lessons learned during a SCRM journey.

Key Learnings:

  • Drivers for SCRM: How to deal with increasing complexity, regulations and customer requirements
  • Getting started: How to move from Excel to digital risk identification, assessment and mitigation
  • Creating a risk culture & mindset: How to make AI-driven SCRM a part of your daily business
  • Best-practice examples: How to mitigate the impact of daily supply constraints such as the pandemic, or sudden events, for example, fires

Use a total view of risk to safeguard your supply network from cyber risk. Save time and money, accelerate reporting, and strengthen your supply chain resilience.


Patrick Iven

Patrick Iven

Director Global Sourcing & SCM, VCST Industrial Products N.V.


Thomas Hiller

Thomas Hiller

VP Customer Success, riskmethods


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