Mitigating Supply Chain Risk and Building a Resilient Enterprise


Risk has various drivers and is a constant threat to global supply chains, and on top of this organizations need to efficiently manage their supplier processes. Often tracking risk and supplier management activities are highly manual processes for organizations, which leads to limited visibility and leaves your supply chain vulnerable to disruption. Procurement, supply chain and risk management professionals can, however, take a more proactive approach by implementing a holistic, digital risk and supplier management strategy.

Join Sundar Kamak, Global Head of Manufacturing Solutions at Ivalua and Laura Enny, Alliances Manager, NA at riskmethods to learn how digitizing supplier processes enables organizations to centralize information, quickly identify potential threats, and mitigate risk all while driving efficient supplier collaboration.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Why digitizing your processes can help you efficiently manage supplier risk and performance
  • How leveraging technology yields maximum growth and profitability
  • And, how embedding risk intelligence into your Source to Pay processes can help you maintain business continuity



Sundar Kamak

Global Head of Manufacturing Solutions, Ivalua


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About riskmethods

riskmethods empowers businesses with a solution to identify, assess and mitigate supply chain risk. By using artificial intelligence, we help you automate and accelerate threat detection, enabling you to gain competitive advantage with a well-managed approach to meeting customer demands, protecting reputation and reducing total cost of risk.