10 Essential Steps for Improving Supply Chain Resilience in 2022: Creating a risk aware strategy

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Supply Chain Risk Management for Dummies - Improve your risk awareness!

Over this past year we all have had some education on supply chain disruptions and shortages. Moving into a Post-Pandemic world, every enterprise is looking for applying some standard or best-practice approach to moving the needle on being more risk-aware.

As we all start to hunker down and plan for next year we need to know, what is a good construct for these strategies? Maybe it’s implementing a new technology, reorganizing risk management, or maybe it’s improving supplier relations. We have an idea… or ten! At the risk of dating ourselves, we all love ten lists – perhaps too much late night back in the day.

Join us for a webinar with Daniel Stanton, author of Supply Chain Risk Management For Dummies, and Constantine Limberakis, Snr Dir of Product & Solutions Marketing for an engaging and fun discussion that looks back at 2021 and looks forward to new approaches for improving supply chain risk-awareness in 2022.


During this webinar, you will gain key insights, including:

  • Top 10 strategies to become more risk aware
  • Look at what’s changed over the past year and a half – is risk aware enough?
  • How solutions like riskmethods can help get you there



Constantine Limberakis

Senior Director of Product & Solutions Marketing, riskmethods



Daniel Stanton

Author of Supply Chain Risk Management for Dummies



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