Don't Let Extreme Weather Halt Your Supply Chain: Prepare now, avoid crisis later

Whether it’s a hurricane on the Gulf Coast, typhoons in the Pacific, the Texas freeze, or floods in Europe, extreme weather events continue to present ongoing challenges for global supply chains. While nobody can prevent these events from happening, supply chain teams can put preventative measures in place to mitigate the impact to their business.

Understanding your value chain, including where your suppliers – and their suppliers – are located, is the key to knowing how you will be impacted. With the help of AI-enabled technology, you can map your supply chain, receive early warnings of the potential impact and centralize communication with your suppliers.

Join us for a webinar with Otto Kocsis (Principal Business Resilience, Zurich) and Stefanie Schori (Head of NA Solutions Consulting, riskmethods) to learn how you can better mitigate extreme weather risks, including:

  • What the potential cost to your business is if you don’t have preventative measures in place
  • Why you need your data compiled into a single source of truth to receive real-time warnings
  • How The riskmethods Solution™ can help you avoid crisis mode - featuring a live demo of a hurricane use case


Otto Kocsis

Otto Kocsis

Principal Business Interruption & Resilience, Zurich Insurance Company


Stefanie Schori

Stefanie Schori

Head of NA Solutions Consulting, riskmethods


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