Brexit: What are the Procurement & Supply Chain Implications, Challenges and Opportunities?


Although procurement and supply chain leaders have been preparing for Brexit for years, the question still exists: Are we ready? And what does Brexit really mean for our supply networks? Many commentators have spoken about negative impact of Brexit. However, Brexit might also offer an opportunity for businesses to review their supply chains and create a competitive advantage.

In this webinar, we’re excited to welcome CIPS Economist Dr. John Glen, who will discuss implications, challenges, and opportunities:

  • What does Brexit mean for procurement & supply chains
  • How to reimagine various supply chain strategies
  • How to identify negative impacts and understand different risk scenarios
  • How to secure business continuity and build resilient supply networks

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Dr. John Glen

Dr. John Glen

Visiting Fellow Cranfield School of Management


Marco Leidl

Marco Leidl

Director of Customer Success, EMEA


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