Top 4 Digital Transformation Traps to Avoid in Procurement and Supply Chain


In a world of digital hype and new technologies hitting the market almost every day, procurement and supply chain professionals are often left feeling confused and overwhelmed.

Let us help you cut through all the noise and provide 4 key insights on how digitizing your processes can help to create value, help your company gain a competitive advantage and make you a digital hero.

Join us for a webinar to not discuss “digital buzzwords”, but learn from our digitization experts how to get started with your digital journey:

  • What are some common needs, challenges and quick-wins associated with starting on a digital journey
  • How to make a successful transition to digital procurement without wasting time, money and resources
  • What a digital roadmap looks like and what skills and roles are needed to support it
  • Which technologies are changing the game and how you can leverage AI and machine learning in your role


Heiko Schwarz

Heiko Schwarz

Co-Founder and Managing Director, riskmethods


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