Supply Chain Crisis Recovery 2022

How to withstand disruption and strengthen resilience


In early 2022, the Ukraine-Russian crisis shocked already fragile global supply chains. Based on four pillars, our guidebook offers measures to help you gain visibility into your entire supply network and improve risk awareness. Building resilience into your supply chain is key to withstanding disruption.

  1. Secure Supply: Ensure that your existing supply chain is not impacting your ability to meet customer commitments
  2. Evolve Your Sourcing Paradigm: Enhance your sourcing program and manage supplier relationships better
  3. Enhance Supply Network Management: Extend your ability to collaborate with your supply network
  4. Become a Risk-Aware Enterprise: Transform your supply chain risk management processes to establish long-term resilience

Risk management is a cycle. How you identify, assess, and mitigate risk, and what you do before, during and after a risk event help you as you prepare for the next inevitable disruption.


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riskmethods empowers businesses with a solution to identify, assess and mitigate supply chain risk. By using artificial intelligence, we help you automate and accelerate threat detection, enabling you to gain competitive advantage with a well-managed approach to meeting customer demands, protecting reputation and reducing total cost of risk.