Supply Chain Risk Management Software: Build versus Buy


During the COVID-19 pandemic, 93% of companies suffered supply chain disruption. This revealed to many enterprises, and their executives, that having no supply chain risk management (SCRM) program, or using manually prepared Excel lists, does not safeguard resilience.

As a result, supply chain risk management now has C-level support. You may be looking for greater efficiency and accuracy in your SCRM approach, or need solutions to issues such as unstructured data, or a lack of scalability. So you begin considering whether it’s better to build your own SCRM software or buy an existing one.

“Our system/product/process/company is so unique that we need a unique solution” is the first thing that comes to mind. And we agree with you there. Only when you focus on your core competencies do you have competitive advantage. But are you aware of the possibility to easily customize an existing SCRM program?

In this document, we list eight questions that any organization should ask itself before spending significant amounts of time and resources to develop their own supply chain risk management solution. Fill out the form to find out more.

Supply Chain Risk Management Software: Build versus Buy

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