Germany’s Supply Chain Law: How to successfully meet the legal requirements


The clock is ticking. Germany’s Supply Chain Due Diligence Act will come into force January 2023. To help you be fully prepared when the law takes effect, riskmethods has released a unique product kit, riskmethods German Supply Chain Law BundleTM, especially tailored to the requirements of the law. Make sure you have the systems and processes in place to meet the strict supply chain due diligence and risk management requirements mandated in the act.

What does riskmethods German Supply Chain Law Bundle include?

With riskmethods German Supply Chain Law Bundle, you have all the components you need to meet the requirements of the law. These components enable you to implement risk management, perform regular risk analyses in real time, document the alerts received, and report on preventive and remedial actions taken.

  • Compliance Incident Management (CIM): An AI-powered system captures all relevant incident data. CIM comprehensively checks your supply chain for violations and can be customized with company-related specifics.
  • Automated reporting function: Quickly generate reports required by the law to prove due diligence.
  • Hands-on Supply Chain Law workshop: Get recommendations on what exactly you need to do to prepare your company for the tasks ahead. Learn how to establish risk management in your company.

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What is special about riskmethods German Supply Chain Law Bundle?

  • Our experience is your advantage: riskmethods, market leader in supply chain risk management, is synonymous with highly relevant data and increased efficiency. We’ve built this good name over nearly a decade. You can be confident that you get the right information.
  • Always up to date: Artificial intelligence filters the incoming data from millions of sources in real time to detect the information that relevant to you. With accurate data, you quickly understand your risk situations and can take the necessary actions without delay.
  • View risks at a glance: Monitor the status of your supply network in real time on an interactive world map - including tier-n suppliers.
  • Easy to use: Implement the cloud-based solution within just a few working days. This saves limited company resources.
  • Saves time: Tasks are combined in one user-friendly tool, so you need far less time to monitor your supply chains. Potential sources of error due to transmission errors are reduced as well.
  • Holistic approach: The riskmethods Solution supports your overall process, to ensure that your company successfully complies with the requirements of Germany’s Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.
"With The riskmethods Solution, we are well prepared for the requirements of the German supply chain due diligence law."
- Gero Stüve, Head of Procurement, Rottendorf Pharma  


Which companies benefit from riskmethods German Supply Chain Law Bundle?

Our solution fits every company. More precisely, we adapt German Supply Chain Law Bundle to fit your exact requirements, whether your company is subject to the legal requirements beginning in 2023, in 2024, or whether you want to comply with the requirements voluntarily:

  • Small package - big impact: riskmethods German Supply Chain Law Starter Package is primarily intended for smaller and medium-sized companies. It provides a complete solution to meet the legal requirements of the law. The package includes all the necessary building blocks, and you can monitor up to 1,000 different supplier locations in real time.
  • Flexible and scalable: Companies that have unique requirements or a large supplier network can flexibly adapt German Supply Chain Law Bundle according to their needs. This includes, for example, additional risk management modules, monitoring of an individually adapted supplier base or including additional risk types (financial risks, natural hazard risks, etc.).
  • Suitable for existing customers: If your company is already a riskmethods customer, you can add the components specifically developed to meet the requirements of the supply chain law to your product portfolio. Add these modules to The riskmethods Solution to comply with legal due diligence and liability regulations.

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